Photo by Steve Strum. Location: Crystal River, just above Redstone, CO. October 2020

Hello Patrons and Friends of the Library,

I hope you are looking forward to the changing seasons. Although the year has been filled with many cancellations and altered plans, change is ever present and can bring unexpected opportunities.

I have been relishing in the changes of my youngest Winnie, now 22 months.  She is quickly catching up to her sister in climbing capabilities and her expanding vocab. Our family has been able to spend much more time together, figuring out how best to adapt to our changing lives.  With daycare closed and my husband working from home we have enjoyed more hiking and small adventures.  This time together has allowed us to refocus on what is important and look at our long term goals. 

Many of the lessons from home are easily translated to the work I am doing for the Library. I am working to define a strategic plan that will guide the library as we adapt new technologies and continue to build a strong community within the energy industry. 

Stay connected with events and changes at the library by following us online!  We have an updated website, still very much a work in progress, at derl.org and we are posting more regularly via LinkedIn.  Check out our latest posts on LinkedIn here.

Keep reading for more about current library initiatives and events. 


I am working to record the stories that have been made at DERL. Do you have epic tales of successes or failures and prospects made with data found at the library? I need to hear how the library, our data and the connections with our community members have affected your career! Please reach out to me directly at akohn@derl.org or 913-488-0949.  I would love to sit down with you over coffee or a beer and listen to your tale!


There are loads of projects in the works and with that plenty of volunteer opportunities! There are several digitization endeavors, one focusing on duplicate data another looking at utilizing geotagging and metadata to create a mapped catalog of the data at DERL. Please reach out to Amanda to find out more about how you can contribute to these much-needed efforts!


We will be kicking off a monthly event Map Monday’s on October 19th.  Come check out new maps on display and on sale every 3rd Monday of the month.  We are starting by selling the topo map collection, with maps starting at $2. Topos for sale are from the Rockies, Kansas, and Nebraska. Coffee will be provided. Stop by and catch up with other library supporters!


Several groups meet at the library to discuss industry events, career opportunities and pivots. Every other Thursday (next meeting, October 15th) the Leeds Group, meets to build community and discuss career transitions.  Please join us!
If you have a group that would like to use the library as your meeting space just let me know at akohn@derl.org.


Have you been shopping at Amazon lately? Yep. Us too. Make sure you are using smile.amazon.com! The products and prices are exactly the same, but .5% of your purchase dollars go directly to supporting the library! This is the easiest and most cost effective (FREE) way to show your appreciation for the library. Learn more here.


Highpoint Resources recently donated 5 high-end computers, each with dual monitors! We now have multiple workstations tucked into quiet corners of the library.  Come downtown to get out of your home office and refocus and connect with the data at DERL.  We are so grateful for all the donations we receive.  Huge thank you to HighPoint for kicking off our technology upgrades! Many more are in the works.


We have received several donations of proprietary log and well files, primarily in Kansas and South Dakota. We are cataloging the data into searchable archives before integrating new items into our collections. 

We appreciate all our members and library supporters.  I’d love to see you in the library soon.  

Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions.  

Our November newsletter will have big announcements including exciting renovation news, workshops in the works, and a look at DERL’s strategic plan.

Best regards,