Board of Directors


The Library is governed by a Board of Directors since our founding as a nonprofit organization in 1986. The board has provided direction and oversight and continues to steer us towards and exciting future.

The slate for the 2023 Board of Directors is below.



Advisor, serving his 4th year.
Kevin Smith has over 20 years of domestic exploration, development, and operations experience with independent and private oil and gas companies and is currently serving as a Senior Geologist for Bayswater E&P. Bayswater is a privately held company acquiring and developing assets primarily in the DJ and Permian Basins. Before Bayswater Kevin was a senior geologist at Cirque Resources, Oso Energy, and CDX Rockies. Kevin actively volunteers at energy related societies and associations, and is active in the Rockies geologic community. Kevin has a B.S. in Geology from the University of Alabama and an M.Sc. in Geology from the University of Tennessee.


President, serving his 3rd year.
Sam Beck is from a family that has made careers in oil and gas for four generations. After graduating from Colorado State University in 2001, he started out working as an Independent Land Negotiator, née Landman, in upstate New York, then Pennsylvania, and finally tiring of the cold, to Louisiana. There he joined Grey Wolf Drilling Company and began working as a college-boy-yankee-worm-floorhand on a rig that bounced around Northern Louisiana drilling gas wells at the direction of Conoco Phillips. Eventually he would work his way up to derricks where it took him only 3 tours up on the monkey board to decide to start the process of enrolling in law school, eventually choosing Tulane. Sam had expected to work as a title attorney upon graduation in 2010 but instead he and a partner started a Land brokerage called GreenShell Energy, Corp., which remains a going concern to this day. Sam has been licensed to practice law in Colorado since 2019 but tries not to do it too much.


Vice President, serving his 3rd year
Joe Dumesnil serves as a Partner and Managing Director of Geosciences and New Ventures for Overland Oil and Gas and as Managing Member of Orchid Petroleum Advisors, LLC (OPAL). Joe has 20 years in the petroleum industry, nine of which with Halliburton Company in technology implementation for achieving economic success in wells globally. Joe screens and values investment opportunities for Overland and works to optimize their portfolio. Overland focuses on upstream asset classes with an emphasis on minerals and royalties but regularly entertains other opportunities throughout the value chain in the broader energy sector. Joe has an undergraduate B.A. in Geology from Denison University, an M.Sc. in Mineral Economics from Colorado School of Mines, and an M.Sc. in Petroleum Business Management from Institut Francais du Petrol.  He serves on the boards of the Energy Tech Hub, Society of Petroleum Engineers, and the Mines Alumni Entrepreneurship and Innovation Interest Group.  Joe also holds accreditation as a Certified Petroleum Geologist.


Secretary, Serving her 2nd year.
Twenty-three years of broad and progressive experience in energy leadership, engineering, and operations. Excels in strategic decision-making, tactical execution, and technology implementation to increase enterprise value. SME of unconventional shale reservoirs development and reserves reporting. Pioneered data and analytics development and implementation for Oil & Gas operations. Experienced with corporate bankruptcy and subsequent re-structuring to re-size workforce and reduce cost structure. Winner of Top 40 in Energy 2020. Certified Board of Directors


Treasurer, Serving his 2nd year.
Michael works for Liberty Oilfield Services as the Accounting Manager. He brings a strong understanding of accounting procedures and financial statements. Before working with Liberty, he worked as a Revenue Accountant for Linn Energy in Houston.


Serving her 3nd year.
Mindy has been with Centennial Resources Development for almost 4 years. Prior to coming to Centennial, she co-founded a data analytics company, Blue River Analytics, where she provided analytics tools for oil and gas companies. Before that opportunity in her career, she was in the Reservoir Engineering Department and IT Department at Forest Oil Corporation. She gained her extensive background in data analytics in the oil and gas industry after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Sciences from the University of Denver and a Master’s of Computer Information Systems with a focus in Business Intelligence from Boston University.


Serving her 1st year
Trisha Curtis is the President and CEO of PetroNerds, LLC.  She founded the company in 2015 and began working full time at PetroNerds in January 2016.  She was formerly the Director of Research, Upstream and Midstream, at the Energy Policy Research Foundation, Inc. (EPRINC) in Washington, DC.  Since 2010, she has led extensive research efforts and major consulting projects and authored several reports on the North American upstream and midstream markets.


The 2023 Annual Meeting will be held on March 15 at 12pm at the Library.