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DGMG: Wigwam District Reclamation & Dig with Lake George Club

September 23

PIETY CLAIM FIELD TRIP—Saturday September 23

Wigwam District Reclamation & Dig with Lake George Club
Contact Eric Novack to sign up at either his email ninpodragon@hotmail.com or phone number +1 (720) 217-4459

Reclamation and Prospecting Trip: Joint trip with Lake George Club
To ensure we’re keeping the Forest Service public land in healthy shape and to educate and upkeep our
claims’ management responsibilities, each year we have a fun day to fill in holes and ensure all the claims
posts are in good shape. If you are interested in meeting folks in other clubs, learning about claim
management, or simply just doing a service to the clubs and our public land, this is a fun day!
We will start with walking the claims’ boundaries and ensuring the posts are in good shape, painting and
adding any detailed working to the signs. We will fill in holes
as needed. From this point, we can then have fun digging (and
filling in when you are done) on the claims.

Meeting Point
We will be meeting folks in Deckers. The Deckers address is
the parking lot just to the north of Decker’s Corner restaurant.

EASY. Parking is on the claims and there are few hills. We
will be filling holes so some effort is required. Elevation is
about 8,150 to 8,350 feet. We’re about 9.8 miles from
Deckers. The closest bathroom is in Deckers, come
prepared. You are about an hour from the nearest gas station,
fill er up! This is a maintained forest service road and 2WD with
normal clearance will get you there. (see map on next page)

Tools recommended
Shovel, rake and/or pick for reclamation. Shovel, pick,
rock hammer, paintbrush, screwdriver for digging and
extracting crystals.

Lightning, dehydration, blisters, exhaustion from
digging and elevation.

What to collect
The claims are located in Jefferson County. We will be
able to collect Smoky Quartz, Clear Druzy Quartz, Multicolored Fluorite (some fluorescent and some are
phosphorescent!), Amazonite, Feldspar, Microcline,
Clevelandite, Topaz. You should also be able to collect
some new friends and have a ton of fun!


September 23